Mr. Stephen Lobo


Meet Stephen Lobo: Culinary Maestro, Global Groove Master, and Meditation Luminary

Step into the extraordinary world of Stephen Lobo, a multifaceted individual whose talents span the realms of cuisine, music, and spirituality, all united by a powerful mission to uplift humanity.

About Stephen

As a seasoned professional chef, Stephen has graced kitchens around the world, crafting gastronomic wonders that transcend boundaries. Simultaneously, hehas ignited dance floors as an international DJ, orchestrating sonic journeys that unite people in rhythm and harmony.

A Guiding Light in Meditation

But Stephen’s journey delves even deeper. In the face of adversity, heuncovered the profound Gayatri Mantra Meditation, a secret that became a source of solace and strength. Now, hestands as a meditation teacher, guiding others on a path of self-discovery and inner peace.

Global Impact and a Non-Profit Vision

Driven by a vision of unity, Stephen founded a non-profit organization „Gayatri Mantra Club”dedicated to fostering personal spirituality. This endeavour transcends dogma and religion, focusing on grassroots-level change and personal transformation.

Spreading Love and Peace Worldwide

The motto, “A sustainable mind creates a sustainable world,” embodies Stephen’s ethos. Hebelieves that by nurturing sustainable minds through meditation, we can collectively create a world where love and peace reign supreme.

Join Stephen in this unique journey, and let’s collectively #findyourself and illuminate the world with love, peace, and harmony.

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