“Gāyantam Trāyati iti Gāyatri”​​

The Mantra that protects the one who chants

Gayatri mantra is….
Mother of all Mantras
The most Sacred… The most Ancient…
The most Powerful Sanskrit mantra from the Rig Vedas.

It is a universal prayer addressed to the Divine Effulgence to enlighten our Intellect to #Findourselves and lead a rightful life.

The Gayatri Mantra​

The Gayatri Mantra prayer meaning in English:

I bow down to “That” Supreme source of Light,
who illuminates the Earth, the Sky and the Heavens.
I meditate upon that Divine Effulgence,
that my intellect be stimulated,
and may it inspire me to lead a rightful Life.

What is Mantra​​


Gayatri Mantra is universally recognised for benefiting the Chanter as well as the Listener.

The syllables of the Gayatri Mantra are so devised that if pronounced properly and consistently, they generate a Cosmic vibration and activates Universal consciousness in the person.

It enhances the power of the Sahasrara (Crown chakra) Ajna (Third eye chakra) Vishuddha (Throat chakra) improving concentration and consciousness towards ourselves and others around us. it also purifies, enlightens and nourishes the mind to discover ourselves and deepen our insight.

The Vibrations created by the Gayatri Mantra activates the Hypothalamus which is responsible for the release of Happy and positive hormones “Serotonin”.

Through the breathing process during the chanting of the Gayatri Mantra, brings in Calmness and replaces negativity with Positive vibes and a sense of gratitude towards others. We start to develop more patience and understand ourselves better, it also activates power to discard loneliness, depression and anxiety by activating the positive functions of the Nerves system.

On a physical note, due to good blood circulation during the chanting process, we feel more Relaxed, Fresh and Radiant, it clears the brain to take the right decisions and developing a new approach toward life.

Just like in the Solar System the Sun shines effortlessly and efficiently, all our body functions, like breathing, our voice, our intentions all work together as an orchestra and we being the Conductor.

Afterall, when we chant the Gayatri Mantra we are not only doing it for ourselves but for the betterment of the whole mankind, as a contribution in making our world a better place.

What is Meditation

Meditation is a “State“

Meditation Happens…

Meditation is to be Here and Now

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