Rudraksha Bracelet


Availability: 100 in stock

Our Rudraksha Bracelet​​

Availability: 100 in stock

To support the audio meditation tool, we are providing a Bracelet with 12 pieces of 20mm original, hygienically handpicked 5 Mukhi (faced) Rudraksha from the foothills of Himalayas, packaged in organic, eco-friendly pouches made from Indian Assamese Jute which are farmed sustainably. This Bracelet can be purchased at a nominal price on our website or during live Seminars

Rudraksha is often associated with the creation of life, just like when a child is born into this world, it is still connected to its mother by an umbilical cord, and even though separated from it, the child always has a strong personal bond with the mother, similar is the Rudraksha. It is probably the only seed in the world that has a natural hole in it and when the seed is ripe, the stem releases the seed into free nature, thereby connecting us with nature & mother earth.

Our Rudraksha Bracelet has also received the Certificate of Genuinity from the ISO certified IGL (Indraprastha Gemological Laboratories) New Delhi, India

​Important information and recommendations regarding the use of Rudraksha ​​
As we all know, we are a bundle of energy, and Rudrakshas absorb energy from the person wearing it and builds a bond between the chanter and the mantra, we need to follow a simple rule “One Wearer, One Mala” to avoid the transferring of individual energies. Also, it is advisable to keep the Rudraksha in the provided pouch, when not in use.


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